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We have a few more days until the new year. Like many others I have been using this time to reflect on the lessons 2016 taught me. My top three lessons would be is to love everyone, live life because it is very precious, and making sure I share my laughs with those that matter the most.

(Dress: Kenneth Cole )

When I think about the lessons I learned this years I know it's no consequence that they match my favorite mantra. Live, Love, and Laugh. Each one of those words mean so much to me and truly helps me get through each day. They have made me be positive, understanding, and maybe even a little rebellious. Best of all they keep me humbled.

(Dress: J.Crew Factory)

Going into the next year, I will continue to live by that mantra and remembering to live for me!! Anyone else excited for another beginning?


During the fall when I'm not to afraid to still show some legs. I love to wear a long sleeve dress with some cute booties. Pictured above are two different ways to rock this awesome look. Some may not like the boxy look and if that is you add a waist belt or maybe even a corset belt would be super cute!

photos by: Susan Yee


Nneka Fry

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