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Hey Everyone!!

OMG, It has been so long since I last blogged. Man how have I missed it! Here is an update on what I have been up to lately.

** If this chapter in my life had a title it would be between "Bag Lady" and/or "How Stella Got Her Groove Back."

Since 2016 things have been really tough for me. I have lost family members, switching from job to job, relationships not lasting, losing my car, I just felt like I kept running in circles.

Two post ago, I talked about how excited I was to become a teacher, Click Here to read. That idea of being a teacher is for sure out the window. I still want to work with children, just not as a teacher. I am looking into this non-profit organization to become a mentor. I believe that would be more of a fit for me and it will allow me to pursue the career I actually want in fashion.

See I am a Libra and when my life does not have some kind of balance I tend to shut down. I was in depression for almost three years and not really realizing it. I just knew that I wanted to get back to myself but not knowing how or where to start. Now that I let go of those bags I been carrying, I am excited for getting back in my groove!

This past weekend I went to Bloq Pacific Music Festival It was Lit!!!!

I had a really good time at the festival with my family. I went to see Eric Bellinger but loved Adrian Marcel performance too.

The most important part is that I got to wear an outfit that I wore once before but to the wrong event lol. How many of you have done that before? Just not enough people saw me in the outfit and the concert was the perfect spot to show it off!

Image below is when we made our way backstage. Honestly, My family and I felt like we should have stayed in the crowd. It was more fun and kept us hyped. Big Thanks to Project Optimism for hooking us up with the tickets!

Outfit details:

If someone were to ask me where I got the green of the shoulder top I would say "This old thing?" I can't remember where exactly I got the shirt from but, when I bought my Adidas I was happy to know that I had something to match. I do not own a lot of tennis shoes but when I purchase them I like for them to be "unique". Something like the purple pumas I wore in my last post (Field Jacket x Puma Shoes.) My Adidas have become my favorite, most comfortable shoes in my closet. As for the white ripped denim jeans...... Oh how I love thee! Lol. I am a petite girl so, any pants that accentuates my shape is all right with me. I purchased the jeans from Fashion Nova. I have heard a lot of buzz about Fashion Nova but these denim jean has made me a customer forever!! #Novababe !!

I love my Nova denim so much that this is actually the second time I wore them, as a different outfit that is. The first time I dressed them up a bit for my brothers graduation. Hint - One Jean, Two Outfits. Click images to enlarge.

When I wore the white denim to my brothers graduation I paired it with a top for Target's Mossimo Black collection and flats from J.Crew Factory.

What next you may ask??

I will continue to live day by day, find new ways to advance in my career, and prep for my road trip to Texas this week.

It was nice catching up with you all. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it. See ya soon!

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