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Happy Monday & MLK DAY Everyone!!

It has been a few months since I lasted posted. I am really bad at this consistency thing when it comes to blogging. Most of the time my lack of posting comes from not knowing what to post, So I added the "Diary" category to be able to chat it up with you all!

So, there has been a lot that has happened since the last post. In October, I celebrated my 27th Birthday and participated in my first Breast cancer awareness event. The event was to raise money for my non-profit Mz Louise Foundation. If you follow me on IG @NnekaFry you might have caught this already. We were able to raise money for a lady that currently has stage four breast cancer and provided her with a gift basket of her favorite items. See more about it on the foundation IG, @Mzlouise.foundation. Also, in October my dad had two strokes. It was one of the scariest things I ever experienced, talk about highs and lows. Pops is doing much better now and back to normal. We are making sure he is taking good care of himself.

And then...... the new year happened. New goals and new beginnings.

The hard thing about new year resolutions for me is, I never feel like I get to the end goal every year. This year I wrote my goals in more detail and the steps it will take to accomplish those goals. This way if I do not reach the end goal I know I am still heading in that direction with the steps I have been taking.

One of those steps were to move back to Los Angeles & guess what? I am doing just that. Friday will be my last day living in Sacramento and I am extremely nervous. I lived in L.A. before but this time will be different. I will not have school and student loans to get me by (I will chat about those student loans another day). This time around it is solely on me which means, I can not go to a family member house when I am on my last dollar to get something to eat. LOL.

See the last time I lived out in L.A. the struggle got real. It was a point in time where I lived in a motel with my stuff in storage. I am afraid to get that low again with no family around to catch me when I fall. With all the fear I have about moving back I am still taking the steps to go because, I know with what I want to accomplish in my career, Los Angeles is the place to be.

Now that I have this diary category I will try and keep you all posted more frequently about what is going on in my life. The good, the great, and the ugly.

Hope you all are having an awesome start to this new year, I know I am!


Nneka Fry


An old friend from high school is starting a new career path in photography. We linked up and came up with these photos below. Follow her on IG @Createherdreams

Both outfits excluding the shoes are from Ross! I was very pleased with what I came up with in 30 minutes. Fire or nah! What do you think?

See you in the next post!

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