• Nneka Fry


When choosing to go natural in 2013 my hair was in pretty bad shape. Half was natural and half was permed. I finally decided to cut out the perm and go fully natural. What I did not know was that that decision was a new journey to embracing my true self. I was ashamed of my kinks and did not want to share them with the world.

The longer I wore my natural the more I became confident in myself. It made me feel as if people were excepting all of me, the real me.

During the process I would keep the sides and the back of my hair shaved down to a very low cut.

Then one day I was looking at photos of other natural hair gurus and seen how lovely their kinky fros were and I wanted to do the same. Slowly my hair began to grow out.

While going through the process it seemed to be taking forever for my sides to grow out. Before I knew it I looked up my fro had grown to a nice length.

My sides had fully grown out and if it was not for the shrinkage my hair would be able to touch my shoulders.

Today I could not be more happy with my kinky curls. They are apart of me and have always been who I am. I am just happy that I can now share and inspire others to wear their natural hair too.


Nneka Fry

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