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Hey Everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Last week was a very busy work week for me. I don't think I have told you all but I do Visual Merchandising at Target. Not only am I in charge of the visuals in the fashion department but also in the home decor department & I love it!!!

A little back story, a few years back I was an assistant to an Celebrity Fashion Stylist whom also is an Interior Designer. Working in fashion and doing home decor at the same time was a world I never wanted to leave. Saying that to say I have been working for Target since January and my position is in line with my career goals so, no complaining on my end, job wise. Also, I mean who doesn't love Target! Way before I became an employee I was always at target. If not everyday certainly every other day.

Back to my busy work week. This past weekend Target launched a new home line called MADE BY DESIGN. Which means it was a lot of prepping to do for me. Breaking down boxes, organizing merchandise, moving bookshelves etc... All things that makes me happy when I see the finally product.

(Images from this past weekend)

So far, I have helped with Two major Fashion collections, Universal Thread and Mickey collaboration. Also, I have helped with Two Home Decor Lines, Opalhouse and now Made By Design. Each with its own uniqueness and fun to be apart of. Click the purple links to learn more about each collection.

Although, I love what I do, working a 9-5 can be difficult when entrepreneurship is your end goal. Climbing up the corporate ladder has always been plan B for me but, I always try to remember that as I climb the ladder it will help me grow and to become a better entrepreneur. Myleik Teele, a boss and mentor in my head, said it best, "You're not working for the person you report to. You're working on YOUR reputation, YOUR skills, YOUR connections, etc. Stop giving a little to your "boss" because you're only cheating YOURSELF."

Images below are from some of the home decor sets I have worked on. To see more of the work I have done with target you can follow my work twitter @Nneka_TargetVML or my instagram @NnekaFry and click on my highlight story #TargetStyle.

Disclaimer: This is not paid advertisement for target. Just providing information about what I do.

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