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I have been going back and fourth with myself about if I should still be blogging anymore. Wednesday night a very tragic incident happened that blew my mind and I kept finding myself asking why? Why did it happen? Why should I celebrate life (my birthday is in four days)? Why?

My friend then sent me a message, "For one moment, let's imagine that God actually answered that question. Would his explanation change anything? The effects of the tragedy would still be with you, and the pain would be just as severe as it was before."

This had me thinking if I stop blogging what will that accomplish. If God came directly to me and told me why, I am most certain I would still be feeling hurt.

(Top, Shoes, Necklace : Forever 21 / Denim and Bracelet: J.Crew Factory)

While I laid down last night I realized that for some reason I am still here and why I am here, I have to keep moving forward. If I sit and do nothing it wouldn't be any help to myself or others.

I feel so much hurt and I know other family members are hurting as well and even more. I just pray for peace in their hearts and I pray God helps my family and I through this time. I pray he helps us with clairty and to get through the why?


The pictured outfit is such a great everyday outfit. The velvet green top just shouts fall. Not only because of the color but the material is also a fall favorite. It can be a bit to warm for the spring/summer. I love this outfit because, it is not to dressy for running errands and not to casual for a drink at the bar with your girls. If you are not comfortable with running errands in heels you can always switch it out for a pair of black flats or sandals. I personally don't mind the heels.

Let me know what you think? Would you wear it?

Photos By: Susan Yee!


Nneka Fry

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