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I can not explain how excited I am for 2017. I am fully taking on the role of entrepreneurship, well sort of. I have decided to go back to school full-time also. I am going to become an elementary teacher y'all!!

(Photos By: Susan Yee)

When I broke the news to some family and friends it came as a shock because all they knew me to like is fashion. However, I have always wanted to work with the youth. I even volunteered for a non-profit (Foundation for Second Chances) when I lived in Los Angeles.

While I am in school I will be putting a lot more focus into Nneka Fry productions.

My plan is to be able to help the youth while still following my ultimate passion, helping others develop their personal style. Plus i'll be one stylish elementary teacher. Ha! I am excited, I feel like I finally have a legitimate plan to do exactly what I want. I've found my perfect career. 2017 here I come!!!

Update: The teacher plan has changed. I will be finding new ways to be involved with the youth.

Outfit details:

So... I am claustrophobic. I once called 911 because I couldn't get a ring off my finger. Yes I did! Not ashamed either. Lol.

Since I don't like feeling trapped I have a hard time wearing turtlenecks & this is why I love this funnel-neck sweater from J. Crew Factory. It still gives me the feel of a turtleneck without me actually feeling constraint. It's the best!

As for the boots, these old things. Oldie but goodie! The details on the boots are everything! I got them from June Ambrose collection with HSN a few years back. They have lasted me awhile and still seem to fit into my wardrobe. These boots are the definition of quality over quantity, which I totally believe in!

What do you think? Like the outfit?


Nneka Fry

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