• Nneka Fry


This year so far has not been as smooth as I assumed it will be. I am still struggling with procrastination and getting content on my blog. I have been using my planner and journals to keep me in order but I still struggle with getting out the bed and starting the day as early as planned.

(Photos by: Susan Yee)

I have read somewhere that the most wealthy people start their day as early as five am. Here I am laying in bed until eight or nine when I should be up hustling. Procrastination has been my worst enemy. My promise to myself is to continue to work on it everyday this year.

Anyone have any tips to help me not hit the snooze button in morning? Comment below.

Outfit Details:

A lot of my outfits lately have been from J. Crew factory. I love their clothes. I also was a part of their management team so I had to make sure I represented the brand. With that being said my entire outfit is from J.Crew factory excluding the shoes. My shoes are from puma. My favorite pair of tennis shoes my far. Very comfortable.

Let me know your thoughts on this outfit post below.

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