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Dammmnnn Nneka.... Back at it again with another blog! LOL. I get so excited writing blog posts for the three of you that actually read it ha!

Anywho, last weekend was filled with so much black girl magic!! I was so proud to see my city, Sacramento, for supporting black women like we did. We showed up and showed out. #SacramentoProud

The march was lead by Black Women United. This was their second annual march. The Non-profit is all about sisterhood. To "create dialogue and discussion around misogynoir and work towards effective and strategic methods to eradicate anti-Blackness imposed on Black Women." Being that I am a Black woman how can I not support an organization made for me.

We marched from Crocker Park to the State Capitol. It was about a mile walk. Short and sweet. It is to hot in Sacramento to walk any longer lol. (That is just the laziness in me speaking hehe.) After the walk there were speakers, headlining MC Lyte, and performances. Each speaker kept the crowd hyped and all the performances had me snapping my fingers. I was a volunteer for the event and majority of the time I was behind the stage but I made sure I heard each message that was given.

I am already extremely excited for next years march. However, I want to make sure that I keep the black girl magic momentum going throughout the year and supporting anyway possible. I don't want to be the the person that just shows up for the cameras. I will make sure I put myself in the community and do the leg work.

The turn up didn't end at the march. Later in the evening BWU held a mixer. The mixer allowed me to chat with other black women about the march and what is next for us. I even made a friends with a future travel partner. All in all the event was a success!

Below are images of what I wore to the mixer. Let me tell you Fashion Nova is fire!

Thanks for reading. Chat with you in the next post!

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