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For the past few months of I have been getting a manicure constistently every 2-3 weeks. I started getting them done for one reason I began to feel less feminine without them. You are probably like my friends and believe this hilarious. However, not getting my nails done seemed to really bother me.

After awhile I found that getting my nails done is more than being ladylike. There are great benefits to keeping them done. List below!

1) Keep Nails Strong:

My nails use to be very weak and brake constantly. Once i started getting them done a regualr basis they became much stronger.

2) Gets rid of dead skin:

When getting a manicure they clean your cuticles by trimming the dead skin. I never knew how much dead skin can build up on your nails. I am still shocked by how much she trims in just a two week time period.

3) Relaxing massage:

At any great nail salon they massage your hands. Not only does it relax you but it also improves your health and skin. It increases your blood circulation and makes your hands soft and wrinkle free.

4) Nail Growth:

All of the above are great but my favorite is how fast my nails are growing. They look so great some think I get fake nails. Nail growth was an issue for me and I am happy that it no longer is.

Now pamper yourself and get a manicure! Let me know in the comment section below your favorite reasons for getting a manicure.


Nneka Fry

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