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How are you all doing on this beautiful Tuesday?!

It seems like it was taking me forever to get this blog post out. I had an idea that didn't quite work out as planned. I wanted to upload this post with a video. I actually recorded the entire process but, when I watched the footage I wasn't happy with what I saw.

I want to get back to recording videos on YouTube. Check out my channel here. The few videos I did were fun and allowed me to be creative in a different way. Brainstorming some ideas on which direction I want my channel to go in. I think I want to talk about products that I use and also conducting interviews with other artist revolving their fashion. Hmm.........

I have been slacking with my hair-care routine and man.... my hair has been breaking off bad. It has stopped growing out and seems to be getting shorter. I was in search for something to save it and grow back healthy.

I came across African Pride Moisture Miracle through CurlBox.com. Every blue moon I like to try new hair products. Using Curl Box gives me the ability to be spontaneous while getting my money worth. I don't believe I spent more that $40 on any box of products that I've ordered. The way it works is you can get a monthly subscription or shop the site for different product lines. I used to subscribe monthly than I had more products than I can use. Not complaining, it's a pretty good problem to have. The downside of not having a subscription you can miss out on a really good deal (I missed out on The Summer Break Box). Once it is sold out that is all [ :( ]. Curl Box has now became my favorite place to shop for my products.

This is my first time using an entire collection all at once. I am a more of mix and match kinda person. I did however, love every product in this line. My favorite part about the line is that every product does not contain parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum and sulfates. All the things you want to avoid. It was a long 8 step process. Took about 4 hours. That is including twisting my. Twist are pictured at the end of the post.

The first step was the Pre-Shampoo. Honestly, when I first saw this step I was thinking about skipping it. No one wants to add an extra step to an already long process. LOL. The Aloe Vera helped It detangle so easily and protects it against breakage. I usually comb my hair out before washing it. This time I used my fingers and finger combed as I applied. I am not sure if it's because of the product or my finger combing but, my hair for sure had less breakage.

My hair sucks up moisture extremely fast especially during the summer time. When buying products I look for something that is going to retain that moisture. Honey does the trick with also adding a little shine to your hair.

I prefer co-washing my hair over shampooing. When I use shampoo I like my hair to fill soft and not dried out.

The entire time I was washing my hair it did not feel rough or dry.

The conditioner contains CaCoa Powder. Using Chocolate in my hair was the first for me. The benefits are great though. It restores and prevents damage and helps promote hair growth. Everything I am looking to do. You can smell the chocolate too!

Next step..... SMH.

You are probably wondering why I am shaking my head. It's not because of the product it is because, the Soft Bonnet Dryer Attachment that is apart of this step. Trying to keep it on my head was a task. The first blow dryer had way to much power. Once I switched to a different dryer it stayed on my head.

I did not expect for it to get that hot under the cap but it was like a sauna underneath.

After sitting underneath the Bonnet Dryer for 30 minutes, I rinsed my hair and started the twisting process. While twisting my hair I used African Pride Leave-In cream with Coconut Oil & Baobab Oil, and mixed it with their Curling cream with Shea Butter & Flaxseed Oil. All of the natural ingredients that are in African Pride lets me know I am on route for my hair to grow back longer, healthier.

Overall, this is a great line and promotes everything I need my hair to attain at the moment.

Well that is all folks! Talk to you in the next post!!

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